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“A Moment of Grace”

The author examines how four institutions—Northern Arizona University, Emory University, Berea College, and Ithaca College—are incorporating sustainability into their curricula.
Planning for Higher Education Journal


Community members and partner organizations affirmed that the role of a higher education institution was indispensable in developing such an innovative approach.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A DIY Campus Preservation Plan

A for-credit academic class of graduate students gets involved with UMW’s campus heritage and works to integrate it with the overall campus master planning process.
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Advancing Institutional Sexual Violence Prevention Education Through Faculty Research: Part 3

Dr. Cuomo, a pre-tenure feminist geographer, describes the research project at the heart of Lafayette College's initiative and shares her perspective on the potential for similar institutional research partnerships in higher education.
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Advancing Institutional Sexual Violence Prevention Education Through Faculty Research: Part 4

Ella Goodwin, a Lafayette College senior and co-president of a student organization called Pards Against Sexual Assault, shares a student’s desire for clear institutional planning in areas of critical student concern.
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Campus Tour | Loyalist College

Join us for a campus tour that will guide you through the college's state-of-the-art facilities and give you an inside look at its uniquely supportive community.
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Community Engagement Centers

Discover how the University of Pittsburgh delivers diverse expertise and support to communities in need through an off-campus community engagement center initiative.
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Connecting Wellbeing With Learning and Engagement

We'll demonstrate how two universities are using design to drive impact, sharing resources, and working together to build programs that prioritize student wellbeing.
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Hampshire College

In this session, Hampshire College provides a model for how resource-limited campuses can leverage their sustainability assets to support curricular and community transformation.
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Immersive Educational Facilities Design: Manufacturing Innovation and Connection

As trade schools gain national recognition for their affordability and career-centric focus, Raleigh’s Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) has set a new standard for strategic facilities design by capitalizing on community, industry, and government partnerships.
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Keynote | Katherine Newman

As the chief academic officer of the University of Massachusetts system and as a labor market sociologist, Katherine Newman will provide valuable insight on how global changes are affecting the academic, research, and public service mission of higher education.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Partnerships Promote Inclusion

Intentional planning and a competency-based, personalized learning model empowers graduate students from the architecture discipline to assist secondary students in becoming knowledge seekers and design professionals.
Example Plans

Shaping What’s Next

The university’s detailed strategic plan, which includes goals focused on student success, diversity and equity, and increasing its presence as a research center.

Smart Building, Smart Campus

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2019–2020 program. This report explores the hypothesis that user-centered design would better address STEM student needs and could increase the likelihood of a broader adoption of remote labs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Convergence of Gaming and Learning

It’s time for the virtual gaming principles of enjoyment, autonomy, leadership, and curiosity to be designed into the higher education classroom experience. That’s because students, with their technological nativism, will soon be demanding the enhancement in order to be workforce and life ready.
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Voices from the Field: Episode #15

As a campus built on standards of social justice and experiential learning, Roger Williams University used COVID-19 as an opportunity to think creatively about ways to serve its community. Chief of Staff Brian Williams shares how the school showed its character throughout the crisis, coming up with personal ways to connect with prospective families, support off-campus communities, and open pathways to learning.