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Book Review: Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education

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Bringing it to the City

Come learn how to develop strategic partnerships among university, developer, and consultant stakeholders at your institution as well as optimize site development for long-term improvements in recruitment, retention, and revenue.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing Innovative Campuses for Tomorrow’s Students

Campus design and architecture will be the prime catalysts for transforming universities into our society’s engines of growth.
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Entrepreneurial Planning

Join this session for a facilitated, interactive journey with two college and university leaders that will explore the application of the effectuation model to college planning.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Innovation in the University of the West Indies

Developing an innovation ecosystem and infrastructure to support both institutional and research-driven innovations can lead to wealth creation at the university, country, and regional levels.
Example Plans

Strategic Priorities 2014–2019

A high-level document enumerating the institution’s five strategic goals and strategies for achieving each goal.
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The Planner’s Bookshelf: Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education

Join Lynn Priddy, president and CEO of Claremont Lincoln University, for a conversation with higher education futurist Mary Landon Darden, in which they explore—via Darden’s book—how a culture of entrepreneurism can lead higher education into a brighter and more sustainable future.