Deferred Maintenance

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Achieving Big Carbon Reduction Goals With Small Targeted Building Actions

This session will provide insight on useful data types for existing building stock and a process for existing conditions exploration to address carbon neutral goals and deferred maintenance within time and budget constraints.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

An Assessment of Capital Budgeting Practices for Public Higher Education

This study finds a need for new capital projects to include continuing, dedicated revenue streams for the project lifetime in order to avoid continuation of the current state of underfunded maintenance, especially in light of growing needs for upgraded research equipment and space.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Another Day Older, Another Day Better

While they might be historical gems, are mid-century campus buildings still structurally sound? Is their location and architecture meaningful to the institution? What about energy efficient and fiscally responsible? College and university leaders must make the call: to fix or not to fix.
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Reimagining Master Planning at Florida State University

Revising a master plan isn’t usually innovative, but Florida State’s holistic approach is. By engaging the whole institution in the conversation, the master plan reset will ensure that the values and aspirations of the institution are reflected in a built environment that not only meets program needs, but supports and sustains the innovation necessary for post-pandemic realities.
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Roadmap to a Capital Renewal Program

We will share how Tufts University manages its capital renewal program using a ranking strategy that considers building condition, utilization, modernization needs, and academic priority.
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Your Campus Historic Buildings

This article will help your team create a checklist to determine decision-making priorities for maintaining your historic buildings.