Crisis and Disaster Management


An Integrated Approach to Scenario Planning

No one can predict the future. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a total surprise. This toolkit will walk you step-by-step through scenario planning with instructions, examples, and worksheets that you can use to start scenario planning at your institution immediately.
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Book Review: Campus Crisis Management

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Disasters Happen

Go beyond theory and concepts to the actual integrated mechanics and step-by-step methodology for developing and maintaining operational-level continuity plans.

Integrated Planning in a VUCA Environment

For many institutions, institutional viability and constituents’ health and wellbeing are the most pressing concerns—strategic plans are no longer top of mind. How to move forward? SCUP suggests that the principles of good planning serve as a blueprint for responding to COVID-19.
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Leading in a Crisis

This session will introduce you to concepts about preparing for adversity. Institutional leaders often rely on ineffective processes for crisis management, but we’ll provide you with a framework and tools that will allow you to more constructively navigate crises.
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Pivot Complete. Now What?

Higher education has become accustomed to a volatile environment. Volatile environments create significant degrees of ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty. How do institutions navigate through this volatile environment? Scenario planning.
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Preparing for the Post-Pandemic World

Well, that didn’t go as planned. Let’s face it, 2020 was one of the most volatile years in world history. We now find ourselves digging out from the impact of the global pandemic and thinking, “What next?” To be honest, volatility is not new to higher education. In fact, a measure of volatility is commonplace in the higher education environment. Just over a year ago, the sector was obsessively focused on the enrollment cliff, the higher education business model, and free speech. We’ve added to this list a worldwide pandemic, calls for social and racial justice, cancel culture, and waves of natural disasters.
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Risk Management and Campus Resilience

With climate change bringing dramatic demographic, economic, and weather changes, universities and colleges must be prepared for risks to the campus's buildings, landscapes, and infrastructure that could disrupt operations. This session explores the intertwined concepts of risk management and resilience planning.
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Strategic and Collaborative Crisis Management

How committed is your institution to emergency planning functions? Have you considered working with other organizations in a consortium?
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What Is Your Crisis ‘What If’?

The Medical College of Wisconsin planned strategically, engaged executive leadership, and operationalized an Administrative Response Team to navigate critical incidents impacting the university.