Planning for Higher Education Journal

“Be Prepared” for Policy Windows

How can universities overcome the institutional inertia that impedes successful innovation and change?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Canadian Pioneer in Search of Modernity

Example Plans

Access to Excellence

This academic plan document enumerates the institution’s academic goals and strategies, with special focus on generating or enhancing interdisciplinary connections between the primary academic themes.
Example Plans

Brand Strategic Platform

A thorough documentation of the institution’s branding strategy, including the purpose of the strategy, audiences and personas, value statements, and more.
Conference Recordings

Campus Tour | Loyalist College

Join us for a campus tour that will guide you through the college's state-of-the-art facilities and give you an inside look at its uniquely supportive community.
Example Plans

Environmental Scan Series

A series of thorough, heavily sourced environmental scanning reports developed by the institution’s institutional effectiveness department to support its strategic planning process.
Webinar Recordings

Passive House Design and Residence Halls

The session will discuss the basics of Passive House (PH) design, how it can both save energy and improve the quality of the interior environment. The presenters will illustrate how Passive House design has been incorporated from both a design and administrative standpoint at the new residence hall at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
Example Plans

Stages for Pandemic Response and Recovery

This document lists the principles the university is using to guide its COVID-19 response and recovery, followed by a detailed matrix that addresses operational areas.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Intersection

As designs for an institution and its spaces are considered, decision makers should seek a balance between offering areas for quiet work that requires intense concentration and for social engagement and the sharing of ideas.