Building (or Writing) the Plan

Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Model for Creating a Campus Sustainability Plan

Institutions of higher education have a special obligation to lead sustainability efforts in order to provide the next generation of young adults with the information and tools needed to take on the challenges of the future.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

A resource for anyone engaged in college or university strategic planning, and an excellent primer for planning committees. This second edition also contains new strategies for using an institution’s strategic plan during times of institutional upheaval, and additional techniques for jump-starting various parts of the planning process.

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Collaborating, ‘Speed Dating,’ Celebrating, and More

University colleagues share techniques and tools they find effective in their strategic planning process—and in fostering participation and intentional conversations.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing a Four-Year Baccalaureate Degree in Applied Psychology

What does it take to plan for and move from a two-year to a four-year institution and implement a baccalaureate degree in applied psychology? Here’s how Kwantlen University College (BC) did it.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Redesigning a Budget Model with a Grassroots Approach

While redesigning a campus budget model could happen relatively quickly from a technical standpoint, time spent in extensive engagement, collaboration, and conversation is key to successful implementation.
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Strategic Planning That’s Truly Strategic

What do strategic plans do? What does it mean to be “strategic”? These are among the questions addressed in a recent year-long study of 108 active college and university strategic plans. Hear directly from the researchers as they highlight a few important insights they discovered during their analysis, like how to avoid the many pitfalls of strategic planning and ensure a process focused on strategy and outcomes.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

What Is Your Crisis ‘What If’?

The Medical College of Wisconsin planned strategically, engaged executive leadership, and operationalized an Administrative Response Team to navigate critical incidents impacting the university.