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A University’s Successful Campus Relocation Using Integrated Planning

This session will discuss how the University of Western States used integrated planning and data-informed decision making to design, build, and relocate to a new campus over a two-year period.
Example Plans

Academic and Facilities Master Plan

This master plan is positioned as a tool to help guide the institution’s decision making about campus and learning space in direct service of its academic goals.
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Actionable Data

This session will share how Binghamton University has established an integrated data collection and tracking process and the ways in which the pandemic has affected this process and shifted institutional priorities.
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Disruptive Transition to an Integrated Organizational Planning and Resource Allocation Model

This is the story of how Glendale Community College in Arizona took intentional steps to integrate its strategic and operational plans with resources and assessment to develop a holistic approach to planning and implementation.
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Don’t Get Me Started

This session will address the university's setbacks, challenges, opportunities, and solutions in launching a shoestring integrated planning process amidst multiple crises.
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Engaging Faculty Senates in the Budget Planning Process

The opinions of faculty may add to the development of productive strategies during tough economic times.
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This session shares how one institution efficiently integrated and aligned planning and assessment activities with accreditation standards and cycles.
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Good Academic Planning Is What Happens . . .

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Integrating Board, System, and University Planning and Performance During a Period of Rapidly Declining State Funding Commitment

Even in the most difficult financial times, integrating planning and budgeting throughout the organization creates opportunities for success.
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Integrating Planning at the Organizational, Unit, and Individual Level

This session will demonstrate how our Integrated Performance Excellence Framework (IPEF) guides planning at multiple levels of the institution, all of which are tied to our strategic policy, plan, and processes.
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Juggling Chainsaws

The numerous benefits of these processes can be realized only when the institution recognizes and plans for the different, sometimes conflicting perspectives they bring to high-stakes discussions.
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Keynote: Amidst Converging Storms | Part Two

In the second of two keynotes focusing on higher education’s “perfect storm”—the confluence of a global pandemic, financial crisis, shifting demographics, and a changing culture—a cross-disciplinary panel will discuss their integrated planning strategies for moving from a state of triage to transformation.
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No-Brainer or Brain-Twister?

While there is no one right way to link planning and budgeting, there is good practice: what works to influence behavior in the direction of institutional goals, supported by strong leadership.
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Planning and Budget Alignment

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President’s Panel

In this session, three college and university presidents from the United States, Canada, and Europe will reflect on how we can transform and reimagine higher education for the future.
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SCUP Fellow Presentation | Designing and Developing Mature, Mission-aligned Online Academic Courses

In this session, we’ll: 1) explain how process maturity and instructional design interact, 2) review basic elements of institutional missions, and 3) consider ways that mission statements get translated into instructional strategies.
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Singapore and Mexico Are Inventing the 21st-Century Campus

At leading universities in Mexico and Singapore, bold shifts in pedagogy and planning are reimagining the very core of the college experience.
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The Spectrum of Space and Capital Planning in Florida and Georgia

The Florida State and Georgia University Systems employ varied approaches to their space standards, planning, and capital programs. We’ll compare these approaches and discuss best practices for determining the effectiveness of space use and the planning process.
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Voices from the Field: Episode #1

William Knight, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Miami University, addresses how his team has developed data dashboards for administration and faculty to provide insight into Learning Management System (LMS) use, enrollment projections, and overall student access and success.
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Your Resources

This session focuses on the need to employ a coordinated and aligned approach to planning, resource allocation, and assessment.