Academic Program Review


Academic Planning Assessment

From launching new degree programs to assessing learning outcomes, academic planning happens every day—even if it’s not in a documented academic plan. Use this assessment to determine how robust academic planning is at your institution . . . and identify areas for improvement.
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Academic Program Review Guidelines

A helpful introduction to academic program review, with suggestive guidelines for programs undertaking a review or interpreting its results.
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Academic Program Review Schedule

A matrix showing the academic program review schedule for each of the college’s academic departments, over an 11-year horizon.
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Academic Program Review Template 2018–2019

Worksheet for performing academic program review.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

American University of Beirut’s Meta-Assessment Framework

In a higher education setting, it is important to evaluate assessment processes, establish clear expectations, and efficiently make decisions. Doing so will support program and unit outcomes and periodic program and unit reviews, aligning with the institution’s strategic plan and optimizing budget allocation.
Conference Presentations

Critical Concepts and Trends in Assessment, Accreditation, and Program Review

This session will help you define assessment-related terms (i.e. goals, outcomes, objectives, standards, etc.) and will provide an overview of assessment and accreditation trends that could impact your institution.
Webinar Recordings

From Academic Program Decisions to Results

Recorded October 1. The decision-making process is only the beginning—how do you build a robust program portfolio in a way that ensures educational quality, financial sustainability, and meets the needs of your students? We will provide real-world examples of ways to effectively build quality online programs and courses that improve student access and retention, including performance metrics and faculty engagement.

This is part three of a three-part program series, “Integrated Planning to Build a Thriving Academic Program Portfolio.”

Webinar Recordings

Instructional Economics

Recorded September 15. All program decisions have financial consequences—and some may surprise you. We will share a methodology for analyzing instructional economics and strategies for incorporating this data into the program decision-making process for long-term financial health.

This is part two of a three-part program series, “Integrated Planning to Build a Thriving Academic Program Portfolio.”

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Preparing for Academic Program Review

A list of links out to resources for academic program review.
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Selected Questions for Academic Program Review

Questions intended to spark discussion amidst teams undertaking program review.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Transform the Program Strategy, Transform the College

An effective program strategy improves both student access and success while helping the college be more nimble in meeting emerging labor market needs.