20/20 Planning

The Story of the First Twenty Years of the Society for College and University Planning
Journal Cover
Published January 1, 1985
By Jeffrey Holmes

In celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2015, SCUP reissued this short and lively history of its first twenty years, originally published in 1985. Author Jeffrey Holmes was president of SCUP from 1978–1980 and recipient of SCUP’s first Distinguished Service Award in 1989. He gives his take on SCUP’s role in the evolution of college and university planning: from the late 1950s when campus planners first gathered to share knowledge and resources, through the society’s founding and rapid growth in the 1960s, its near-collapse in the ‘70s, and recovery and renewal by the mid–1980s.

Holmes poses a question as timely today as it was 30 years ago: Will SCUP use its experience and abilities to play a major higher education leadership role?

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