SCUP Privacy Policy 

Collection and Use of Member Information

SCUP collects information from its members and nonmember customers from its print and online membership application forms, conference and workshop registration forms, and product order forms.

All membership information contained in the online membership directory is based on the member records of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), which is updated daily. Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the information as submitted and updated by members.

SCUP does not sell, in whole or in part, its member or nonmember customer lists.

1. We do share information if we think it will be in the best interest of our members—but only with other nonprofit associations serving higher education. SCUP’s president is a member of a group of senior leaders who head associations that serve higher education, called The Council of Higher Education Management Associations (CHEMA). A list of member associations can be viewed at Upon occasion, if a fellow CHEMA association is holding an event that we deem of interest to SCUP members, we will either include a mention in our weekly email news or we will provide a mailing list of members with job titles related to the topic. SCUP does not provide the email, telephone, or fax numbers of our members for these events, just the physical mailing address.

2. Exhibitors and sponsors of SCUP events, such as our annual or regional conferences, receive a list of mailing addresses and email addresses of the event’s pre-registrants, so that they can promote their booth space or products. SCUP does not include telephone or fax.

3. SCUP provides information to its membership committee and regional volunteer chairs so that these volunteer leaders can welcome new members, contact lapsed members, understand membership trends in their regions, and encourage volunteerism. The information shared does not include SCUP IDs, fax numbers, or financial transactions or any information deemed by the SCUP Board of Directors to be an invasion of a member's privacy.

4. SCUP collects demographic information (age, education, salary) to help member leaders as well as staff make informed decisions about the types of member services offered and to track trends. Personal information on individual members, such as age, highest-degree obtained, or salary, will not be published or shared with any internal groups—just aggregate charts and graphs.

SCUP has developed a Culture Statement and Guidelines, which is published at If a member receives a fax or email that they feel is inappropriate, please forward a copy to

Members may opt out of receiving specific SCUP communications by logging in to their My SCUP page or by sending a request to If a member opts out of receiving any or most SCUP communications, they will still receive via email SCUP’s annual election communications (SCUP is required by law to send this to all active members) plus their annual dues notification and a request each fall to update their member contact information.

How To Contact Us
Should you have other questions or concerns about the privacy policy or terms of service, please email us at: or 1330 Eisenhower Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734.669.3270.