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Collection: Employing Accreditation to Strengthen Planning and Drive ImprovementLocked

Published 2020
Accreditation holds far more potential for an organization's strategic and academic planning than most colleges and universities realize. This collection of SCUP resources includes an introduction to accreditation along with examples of how institutions intentionally employ accreditation at multiple levels to strengthen planning and drive improvement.
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Supporting Document Locked

Public Doctoral/Research University (CA, United States)
This layperson-friendly document lists the institution’s publicly accessible dashboards, what data each provides, and sample questions that each can help answer.

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Planning for: Changes in Accreditation

Published October 2, 2020
Accreditation is rapidly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities for colleges and universities. We interviewed Lynn Priddy, executive advisor and provost emeritus at National American University, to discuss these challenges and opportunities and how institutions can prepare.
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5 Questions About the Future of Higher Education

Published 2020
Join Jim Downey, vice president of planning and institutional effectiveness at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Nick Santilli, SCUP’s senior director of learning, as they use SCUP’s Fall 2020 Trends for Higher Education report to explore “What If?” questions in a practical format that will allow your team to pinpoint areas for institutional advancement.
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