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Decarbonizing Your Campus

Planning for Electrification and Resilience
Published 2020
This session will discuss transitioning away from fossil fuels for campus heating and transportation and explore new technical, procurement, and phasing strategies to cost-effectively achieve carbon reduction and resiliency goals.
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Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Collaborative Campus

Transformation through Ecological Planning
Published 2020
This session will deliver a methodology for rethinking campus culture and infrastructure to meet climate change challenges. We will share techniques for shifting traditional campuses to educational institutions that safeguard the planet and its people.
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Sustainability and Resiliency

The Rider University Energy Master Plan
Published 2020
This session will discuss Rider University's energy master plan, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through integrating facility management and future campus development as well as incorporating energy conservation and generation options.
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Designing for Climate Action

Published 2020
We will explore ways that a design thinking process can build a visible culture of sustainability at the hyper-local campus scale and drive climate action across academics, governance, and operations.
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Hampshire College

Reinvention for a Sustainable Future
Published 2020
In this session, Hampshire College provides a model for how resource-limited campuses can leverage their sustainability assets to support curricular and community transformation.
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Transforming CSU Monterey Bay With the Living Community Challenge

Published 2020
California State University-Monterey Bay (CSU-MB) is the first university campus to register for the Living Community Challenge, becoming a model for how university campus design and planning can have a profound impact beyond the campus. We will discuss how our 2018 Architecture at Zero award-winning wellness and recreation design solution is transforming CSU-MB into a healthy, sustainable, net-positive environment.
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