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A Guide to Planning for Change Locked

Published 2008
The enhanced planning model in this book recognizes the many internal, external, up, down, and sideways forces, challenges, and opportunities facing higher education

Integrating Higher Education Planning and Assessment: A Practical Guide Locked

Published 2006
Using their extensive experience on the University of Delaware campus, the authors give numerous examples of the integrated nature of planning. Intended for anyone on campus who is involved with the planning or accrediting process.

The Non-Architect’s Guide To Major Capital Projects: Planning, Designing, and Delivering New Buildings Locked

Published 2005
This book provides the non-architect with a broad framework of understanding in the steps, phases, and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project.

Academic Design: Sharing Lessons Learned Locked

Published 2003
If you need to understand the elements of an institutional (or large departmental) strategic planning process, this is the book for you.
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