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Written by expert practitioners with decades of planning experience, our e-books offer ​in-depth explanations, powerful research, and exceptional insight​ to help you tackle new challenges and sticky problems.

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Integrating Higher Education Planning and Assessment

A Practical Guide
Published 2006
Using their extensive experience on the University of Delaware campus, the authors give numerous examples of the integrated nature of planning. Intended for anyone on campus who is involved with the planning or accrediting process.

Technology-Driven Planning

Principles to Practice
Published 2005
If you need to know how technology is changing the way we plan for higher education, read this book and benefit from experts who have addressed today's challenges.

The Non-Architect’s Guide To Major Capital Projects

Planning, Designing, and Delivering New Buildings
Published 2005
This book provides the non-architect with a broad framework of understanding in the steps, phases, and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project.

Campus Heritage

An Appreciation of the History and Traditions of College and University Architecture
Published 2005
This monograph describes and illustrates the contributions campus heritage can make to promote, strengthen, and support institutional goals and objectives and outlines suggested methods of incorporating campus heritage in campus plans, facility plans, and campus design concepts.

In Sync

Environmental Behavior Research and the Design of Learning Spaces
Published 2004
Designers and clients, whether in education or the corporate world, will each enjoy the way existing environmental/behavior research can be applied to the thoughtful consideration of these archetypes, either standing alone or used in combinations to create rich, interactive learning spaces.

Academic Design

Sharing Lessons Learned
Published 2003
This book describes the design process used in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to evaluate academic programs and priorities based on the unique needs of individual institutions. The conclusion offers information on how to prepare your academic design plan.

Transforming e-Knowledge

A Revolution in the Sharing of Knowledge
Published 2003
This book describes the order of magnitude of change that will be necessary to compete in the knowledge economy. Included are descriptions of current and upcoming technological advances that directly effect educators and learners.

Innovation in Student Services

Planning for Models Blending High Touch-High Tech
Published 2002
The authors, who are among IBM best practice partners, share they have been successful in integrating technology into their student services projects, redesigning their processes, implementing change, and extending their brand.

Planning for Student Services

Best Practices for the 21st Century
Published 1999
Through use of case studies, this book demonstrates how several institutions are transforming their traditional model for student services into a learner-centered model.

Doing Academic Planning

Effective Tools for Decision Making
Published 1996
This reader was developed to provide academic planners with tools to facilitate the transformation of higher education institutions from provider-centered cultures and organizations to leamer-centered franchises.

Campus Planning

Published 1996
This classic by Richard P. Dober, which thoroughly reviews the fundamentals of campus planning, was first printed in 1963.

Transforming Higher Education

A Vision for Learning in the 21st Century
Published 1995
This book, which became a national best seller, provides readers in the field of higher education with insights into how they can meet 21st-century challenges.
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