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Conversations About Not Attempting the Impossible and Then Achieving It: The ASHEE Conference

Published December 4, 2019
Session after session I heard from many institutions on how they were tying integrated planning to sustainability initiatives. It became more apparent that higher education is acting on and recognizing the importance of developing cross-campus relationships that span (and move beyond) traditional boundaries.

SCUP’s New Board Chair

Published August 16, 2019
At SCUP, we know the future of planning relies on the strength of ideas and the passion of individuals that make up our community. It’s where planning comes together to unleash the promise and potential of higher ed. We’re excited to have Sarah Cantrell lead this charge. 

A Message from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chair: Heather Bishop

Published December 18, 2019
Learn what's happening in the SCUP Mid-Atlantic Region.

Planning For: Open Educational Resources (OER)

Published January 6, 2020

Welcome! New Regional Council Chairs

Published September 16, 2019
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