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  • Organization: Federal Polytechnic, Ilarox
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Planning for Higher Education Journal

January 1, 2018

An Approach to the Preparation or Revision of a Master Plan for a Nigerian Polytechnic

Whether preparing a plan for a proposed institution or revising a plan for an existing institution, following a carefully designed approach greatly facilitates the realization of the institution’s vision and mission.

From Volume 46 Number 2 | January–March 2018

Abstract: This article presents an approach for the preparation of a feasible master plan for a proposed polytechnic. It identifies and discusses key steps common to all methods used in the preparation of an institutional master plan. The object is to provide pertinent information to guide the preparation of a master plan that ensures a successful implementation and fulfillment of the institution’s objectives. It was concluded that the adoption and implementation of an appropriate master plan for a named polytechnic greatly facilitates the realization of the institution’s vision and mission.

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