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Example Plans

May 31, 2022

Master Plan

Detailed campus master plan documentation for the institution’s innovation campus.
Abstract: Detailed campus master plan documentation for the Texas A&M University’s RELLIS innovation campus, located 15 minutes from the main campus in College Station.

From the executive summary:
“The 2018 RELLIS Campus Master Plan is a planning effort that focuses on supporting The Texas A&M University System as a national leader in high-tech research, innovation, training, and technological development. Key aspects of this plan focus on supporting and guiding campus organization, buildout development, open space networks, facility programming, and improving social amenities located within the campus. Issues considered in this 20-year planning horizon anticipate enrollment growth, increased teaching and research demands, future transportation needs, sustainability, and economic growth. A campus-wide advisory committee included multiple stakeholders which helped shape the strategic goals that will guide the physical development of the campus during the life of the 2018 master plan. The changes presented in this plan are intended to transform the largely undeveloped 1,877 acres of land into a multi-institutional research, testing, and workforce development campus that directly benefits society at large. The 2020 update to this plan reflects additional study and progress on the campus as of December 31, 2019.”

  • Introduction (includes approach and timeline)
  • Background
  • The Vision
  • Plan Elements
  • Infrastructure Plan
  • Guidelines
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Appendices

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Example Plans

February 22, 2021

Supporting Document

Public Doctoral/Research University (California, United States)

In accordance with state requirements, the institution prepared a report to identify significant environmental impacts of implementing the new campus master plan.

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