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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing the University of the FutureLocked

From Volume 34 Number 2 | January–March 2006
These authors identify transforming trends in society that are affecting the mission of universities, analyze the impact of those trends on the institutional and spatial structure of universities, and then summarize the factors that planners should be paying attention to in the future design of their institutions.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Investing in Information Technology Pays Big DividendsLocked

From Volume 27 Number 4 | Summer 1999
Creative use of technology can enhance the productivity of students and faculty.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning for Cost-Efficiencies in Online LearningLocked

From Volume 33 Number 3 | March–May 2005
Planning and planners must take the lead in ensuring that the design of on-line learning programs is both cost-efficient and productive. This must happen with some urgency because the gap between online learning models and implementation has been closing more rapidly than planners’ knowledge about online learning has been growing.