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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Two Decades of Strategic PlanningLocked

From Volume 31 Number 2 | December–February 2002–2003
Is strategic planning a useful tool or a counterproductive management fad?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Implementing the Strategic PlanLocked

From Volume 30 Number 4 | Summer 2002
The biggest challenge in planning is making the plan work!
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Introduction: Sustainability: Taking the Long ViewLocked

From Volume 31 Number 3 | March–May 2003
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Housing Strategies for the 21st Century: Revitalizing Residential Life on CampusLocked

From Volume 32 Number 3 | March–May 2004
A survey of recently completed residence hall projects illustrates the innovative ways that institutions are fitting new residence halls and residence programs into their long-term learning and competitive strategies.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

User-Driven Planning for Digital-Image DeliveryLocked

From Volume 34 Number 3 | April–June 2006
Writing for “informed generalists” rather than IT experts or systems development experts, the authors report on user-needs assessment issues for academic digital-image management and retrieval systems: “Content is king” and content needs are dynamic, not static.
Webinar Recordings

Coffee Chat: COVID-19 Physical Distancing in Classrooms

Published 2020
Recorded June 10. We are all trying to figure out how to safely bring students back to classrooms for the fall semester. A discussion about 6-foot physical distancing layout modifications in existing classrooms, reduced occupancy yields when dealing with fixed seating versus movable seating, creating instructor zones, creating alternate instruction spaces.
Webinar Recordings

Back to School Through the Lens of ASHRAE

Published 2020
Recorded June 15. Panelists Susanna M. Baker, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and Penn State University, discussed requirements for a typical campus upgrade and reviewed ASHRAE recommendations on improving campus safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also addressed some of the unique challenges for an urban campus response to maintaining campus safety.