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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Creating a Sense of Community on Urban College and University CampusesLocked

Implications for Planning and Design
From Volume 47 Number 1 | October–December 2018
Urban campuses have unique planning and design challenges when it comes to creating a sense of place that reflects both their global ambitions and local commitments to a variety of stakeholders.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

New Learning Technologies: One Size Doesn’t Fit AllLocked

From Volume 28 Number 1 | Fall 1999
Technology must be flexible and adaptable to diverse teaching and learning needs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Research Space: Who Needs It, Who Gets It, Who Pays for It?Locked

From Volume 33 Number 1 | September–November 2004
An overview of research space management in the United States, based on interviews with senior administrators, Internet documents, and the authors’ vast experience, identifies important trends that need attention.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Impact of Technologies on LearningLocked

From Volume 32 Number 2 | December–February 2003–2004
A study at the University of Washington called “Listening to the Learner, ” asked students about their desire for using technology in coursework, and facult about current approaches/barriers. Curricula were developed that intergrate education technology in a learner-centered way.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Road Less Traveled: Sustainable Transportation for CampusesLocked

From Volume 31 Number 3 | March–May 2003
The high costs of parking expansion have propelled many institutions toward a transportation demand management strategy to shift many trips from single occupant automobiles to other modes of travel.
Webinar Recordings

Campuses Learning From Each Other

Published 2020
Recorded June 8. COVID-19 has left universities overwhelmed and struggling to rapidly shift to new ways of operating Focusing on the interactions between people, policy, facilities, and technology is more important than ever on campuses. Colleagues from Demographic Perspectives and Pirie Associates, in affiliation with SCUP, discussed the challenges, priorities, solutions, and opportunities to change the way campuses operate for the future.
Webinar Recordings

Out of the Fire and Into the Future

Insights on Essential Planning Strategies Post COVID
Published 2020
Recorded September 17. The integrative process of short-term planning during the pandemic effectively brought together academic, financial, and physical planning, and presents a unique opportunity to continue work across traditional planning silos. Explore new planning modes being used during this crisis and their long-term application.