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Planning for Higher Education Journal

An Exploration of Administrative Bloat in American Higher Education Locked

From Volume 46 Number 2 | January–March 2018
Administrative bloat, the ballooning growth of administrative functions and personnel in U.S. higher education, is the unintended consequence of several factors and can be mitigated to some extent through deliberate strategies.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The University of California Locked

Creating, Nurturing, and Maintaining Academic Quality in a Public University Setting
From Volume 47 Number 1 | October–December 2018
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Benchmarking: A New Approach to Space Planning Locked

From Volume 27 Number 3 | Spring 1999
An alternative approach uses space benchmarking and faculty head count for predicting space needs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The California Idea and American Higher Education: 1850 to the 1960 Master Plan Locked

From Volume 29 Number 3 | Spring 2001
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Research Space: Who Needs It, Who Gets It, Who Pays for It? Locked

From Volume 33 Number 1 | September–November 2004
An overview of research space management in the United States, based on interviews with senior administrators, Internet documents, and the authors’ vast experience, identifies important trends that need attention.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Portraits of Students: A Retrospective Locked

From Volume 29 Number 1 | Fall 2000
A tour of the past 30 years of student trends highlights the challenge of change.
Conference Presentations

Throw Out Your Books

Designing Libraries for Their New Roles
Published 2019
This session will use recent library projects to study the effect of major program shifts on student behavior and discourse.
Conference Presentations

Where are We? Where Do We Go?

Moving from Reactivity to Creativity During COVID
Published 2020
This session will explore the core issues, challenges, and opportunities that are shaping higher education and uncover the breadth of adaptation that institutions must undertake in this time of disruption.
Webinar Recordings

Creating a More Adaptive Institution in the Wake of COVID-19

Published 2020
Recorded August 20. This interactive panel discussion will bring together different institutions’ perspectives from facilities, technology, student services, and finance to understand the impact of COVID-19 on institutions and their student experience. The discussion will be organized in three parts, each with a prompt to inform the discussion, a poll to take the pulse of the audience, and an open discussion among panelists.