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REFINED BY:    Library Planning
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The New Frontier Locked

Libraries With No Limits
From Volume 44 Number 4 | July–September 2016
U-M’s libraries are not just flourishing, they’re futuristic—embracing the latest technologies and trends in design while maintaining their ultimate mission of enabling and empowering discovery.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Library as Learning Commons Locked

From Volume 46 Number 3 | April–June 2018
Even in the digital age, the library plays a fundamental role in campus life and learning, particularly when it’s updated to meet the needs of 21st-century students and pedagogies.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Priorities For Academic Libraries Locked

From Volume 11 Number 4 | Summer 1983

How to Support Successful Institutional Planning

What does it take to succeed at integrated planning in higher education? We surveyed over 94,000 college and university professionals. Here’s what they said makes a difference.
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Making an IMPACT!

Advancing Student-Centered Learning at Purdue University
Published 2014 SCUP–49 Annual Conference
Discussion will focus on the changing expectations for librarians, especially as instructional partners, the redesigning of library learning spaces to support instructional innovation, and elements necessary for developing a faculty learning community focused on enhancing student-centered learning.

Succeeding at Planning Survey Report

Results from the 2015 Survey of Higher Education Leaders
Published 2015
SCUP partnered with the Baker Strategy Group in 2015 to conduct a study with more than 2,200 leaders who plan at colleges and universities. Several themes emerged around planning challenges and how to respond, which are explored in this report.
Conference Slides

Throw Out Your Books

Designing Libraries for Their New Roles
Published 2019 Pacific Regional Conference
This session will use recent library projects to study the effect of major program shifts on student behavior and discourse.