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Planning for Higher Education Journal

October 1, 2019

Adjunct Faculty Can Increase Student Success

Create Opportunities for Them to Lift Graduation and Retention Rates

Although the numbers of adjunct faculty members at most institutions of higher education have increased, those instructors rarely are included in programs to improve student achievement. But Cal Poly Pomona, by providing modest resources and mentoring, generates opportunities for adjuncts to positively affect student success.

From Volume 48 Number 1 | October–December 2019

Abstract: As universities become more proactive in ensuring student success, the role of faculty is no longer primarily delivering the content of their discipline. It also includes reducing failure rates, creating a sense of student belonging, and engaging in high-impact practices. That work is perceived to be chiefly the responsibility of tenured faculty—and the effect of adjunct faculty is sometimes overlooked. This article argues for increased inclusion of adjunct faculty when planning for programs and policies that improve student success, retention, and graduation rates. Initiatives that worked for a public university are shared.

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Conference Presentations

July 14, 2019

2019 Annual Conference | July 2019

California State University’s Graduation Initiative 2025

Abstract: As the country’s largest and most diverse four-year public university system, what happens at the California State University (CSU) reverberates nationwide. Each year, the CSU awards more than 125,000 degrees and one in every 20 Americans holding a college degree is a graduate of a CSU campus. Graduation Initiative 2025 is a university-wide initiative to ensure that all students have the opportunity to be successful and graduate according to their personal goals, positively impacting students’ and their family’s future and producing additional graduates to power the workforce for California and the nation. In this special session, the CSU Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs will address the challenges and opportunities facing the 23-campus system’s efforts to expand authentic access to opportunity for students from all backgrounds and circumstances, eliminate equity gaps and ensure student success.

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