Membership | Frequently Asked Questions

Account Profile and Password Assistance

How do I update my SCUP profile and contact information?

Log in to your My Account where you can update all of your information.

How do I request a new password for my account?

Go to My Account and click on the link “Forgot your password”, then enter your email address when prompted. If the email entered is listed in the SCUP database, then it will send login information to that email address. If the email entered is not found, an email will not be sent.

We are here to help! If you do not receive an email with a link to reset your password, then proceed with creating an account for yourself. If you are certain that an account exists for you, then contact the SCUP Membership Team for assistance.

General Membership Questions

Who are SCUP members?

Our membership community comprises people from different areas in both the institutional and corporate worlds. Our higher ed institutions range from the community college level up through the ranks to medical and law schools. Titles of members include provosts, academic planning, institutional research teams, institutional effectiveness staff, business officers and financial ops, architects, and campus planners, IT, and even presidents!

Our corporate members span from small, private companies to large, international ones. Titles of members include design professionals, principals, architects, planners, and more.

Does SCUP have chapters or regions?

The SCUP community consists of regions instead of chapters to help you meet other planning professionals in your community. Regional membership is included in your SCUP membership and is determined by your geographic location. All regions offer conferences of different lengths, newsletters, and online information to meet your needs.

SCUP encourages all members to get involved by becoming a regional volunteer. Attendance at regional conferences requires a registration payment, separate from your membership dues.

What benefits do I receive?

As a SCUP member, you have access to an extensive toolkit of benefits. To view the entire list, visit our member benefits page.

Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes, there are annual membership fees for every type of membership. Review our membership dues webpage for the benefits and fees associated with each type.

Should I get an individual or group membership?

If you or your organization are new to SCUP, it is usually recommended to first purchase an individual membership as it can always be converted into a group membership. Contact the SCUP Membership Team for assistance in determining which option is best for you.

When does my membership expire? Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date?

SCUP memberships are active for twelve (12) months, so if your membership start date is June 1, 2020, then your membership is active through May 31, 2021. Your renewal payment is due by the last day of your current membership in order to enjoy continuous access to benefits. Your join date is the original date that you joined SCUP, which may or may not be different from the start of your current membership start date.

Where can I find the member directory?

To access the member directory, log into your account at My Account and click “SCUP Member Directory” visible in the left side menu.

Is my organization a member?

Named individuals are the only members who receive benefits under an organization membership. To find out if your organization is a SCUP member and if you are a group member, contact the SCUP Membership Team for assistance and clarification.

I recently changed employers – do I still have my membership?

If you signed up for an individual membership, then yes, you should still have your benefits. If you were part of a group membership through an organization, then the membership belongs to your previous organization. Note: “add-on” memberships under an organization membership are part of a group membership, and are not recognized as belonging to the individual.

To continue membership at your new organization, you may purchase an individual membership or join the group (if one exists) as a swap or add-on slot. Contact the SCUP Membership Team with your interest.

My organization has a SCUP group membership. How do I access the online resources?

SCUP member benefits are exclusive to current registered members. To access these many resources, you must be a registered group member for your organization. However, several membership benefits are available to the public for purchase. Simply create an account for yourself at, select the items of interest, and then check out.

How do I join my organization’s SCUP group?

If your organization is already registered with SCUP, email the SCUP Membership Team with your interest in joining the group. The SCUP Membership Team will begin processing your request within 24 hours and an invoice for your add-on dues (determined by how many months are left in the membership) will be emailed to you. Your member benefits will start when payment is received and applied to the invoice.

In a group membership, what is the difference between the primary contact, a roster member, and an add-on member?

All members in a group membership have the same benefits and privileges regardless of membership type. The only difference is the primary contact will receive some notices regarding the membership that the others will not, primarily the renewal notices and payment reminders.

How do I update my SCUP group?

The main contact and designated support staff can review the list of members online by logging into their respective My Account and then clicking on ‘Other Affiliations.’ If changes are needed, email the SCUP Membership Team with the following details:

  • Name of member to drop and brief reason why (ie, left organization)
  • Name and email address of incoming member

If all current members are remaining with the group, then an additional membership can be included via add-on dues. The annual amount will be prorated based on the number of months left in the group’s membership year.

How do I convert my individual membership to my organization’s SCUP group?

Email the SCUP Membership Team with your interest. Most likely a prorated refund of your individual dues will be applied to the (prorated) add-on dues. An invoice will be emailed to you from the SCUP Team which contains a link to pay online without a login.

Are individual memberships transferable?

Individual memberships are non-transferable and stay with the individual member, even if they change employers.

Can I add a member to my individual membership?

At this time, individual memberships consist of a single person. Add-on memberships are only available in conjunction with existing group memberships. If you would like to obtain a group membership, contact the SCUP Membership Team.

Am I a member?

You can determine your member status by:

  • Logging into your My Account; your status will be listed underneath your name
    • Don’t remember your password? Simply reset it by clicking the ‘Forgot my password?’ link and enter your email address. If you have an account with us, an email with a password reset link from the SCUP Team will arrive in your mailbox or spam folder.
  • Emailing the SCUP Membership Team for assistance

Account Maintainence/Billing

How do I obtain an invoice for a membership?

If you are an individual member or main contact for a group membership, you can create an invoice by selecting the ‘Pay Later’ option.

  • Individual members: log into your My Account, click ‘Renew’, and proceed through the order process. At the payment page, click Pay Later and save the invoice as a PDF to submit to your accounting office.
    • Group members:
      Main contact (you received the renewal notice): have a nonmember staff contact the SCUP Membership Team for a link to start the renewal process. This link will prompt the user to submit member names & email addresses for the upcoming membership. After submitting the form, an invoice will be emailed to you which can be submitted to accounting.

Nonmember support staff: We’re happy to help! Email the SCUP Membership Team with your request and we’ll send you a link to get started.

How do I establish a new institutional or corporate group membership?

Institutional groups are based on enrollment size as reported through IPEDS. SCUP also offers a group membership for community and technical colleges and system offices, and one for government and nonprofit organizations. Staff and non-staff can find enrollment stats for US institutions at College Navigator – National Center for Education Statistics.

A list of institutional group types with their respective enrollment size is listed on the membership dues webpage.

Corporate group options consist of two types – Small Corporate Group (three members) and Large Corporate Group (six members). Additional memberships can be purchased for either group type. Visit our membership dues webpage for more information.

How do I purchase a membership for a colleague?

You’ll need to contact the SCUP Membership Team for assistance with purchasing a membership for someone else. Please include the person’s name and email address in your note. An invoice will be emailed to you from the SCUP Team which includes a link to pay online without a login.

Will my membership renew automatically?

SCUP does not retain credit card information so you will need to resubmit your credit card information each time you renew. If you need to make specific payment arrangements, contact the SCUP Membership Team.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date?

Not necessarily. Your membership renewal date is one year from the start of your membership start date. Your join date is the original date that you joined SCUP, which may or may not be different from the start of your current membership start date.

What happens if my membership lapses?

If your membership lapses you will lose access to all benefits including: the member directory, sample campus plans, and more. If your membership has lapsed and you want to renew, email the SCUP Membership Team.