Membership Dues

You can join online at any time throughout the year.

  • Each one-year membership begins the day the dues payment is processed and continues through the final day of that month a year later. (For example, a membership that starts on March 7, 2021 ends on March 31, 2022.)
  • Membership dues are non-refundable.
  • Individual memberships are non-transferable.
  • Dues rates are subject to change every January 1.
  • Mid-year group updates will incur a $35 processing fee per transaction.
  • Becoming a SCUP member offers you opportunities to learn and connect with colleagues from around the world, and locally within your geographic region. There is no extra cost for regional affiliation.
Individual Memberships # of Members Dues
Employed at a college, university, government agency,
accrediting agency, foundation, non-profit, or not-for-profit org
1 $420
Employed at a for-profit business or consultancy
1 $440
Enrolled at time of application at a postsecondary institution
Limited to four years.
1 $50
Recent Graduate
Graduated from a postsecondary institution within 12 months before application
Limited to one year.
1 $175
Age 65 or older and no longer employed full time
1 $150


Group Memberships
Mid-year group updates will incur a $35 processing fee per transaction.
# of Members Dues
Institutional Group A (1-2,999 enrollment) 3 $1000
Institutional Group B (3,000-5,999 enrollment) 4 $1350
Institutional Group C (6,000-11,999 enrollment) 5 $1675
Institutional Group D (12,000-17,999 enrollment) 6 $2000
Institutional Group E (18,000+ enrollment) 7 $2345
Institutional Group F (Comm College/Sys Office) 3 $1000
Institutional Group G (Gov’t/Non-Profit) 3 $1000
Institutional Group Add-On Member 1 $335
Corporate Group – Small 3 $1065
Corporate Group – Large 6 $2130
Corporate Group Add-On Member 1 $355


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