Senior Director of Planning, Design, and Construction

San Francisco, CA

Posted: 1/24/20
Deadline: 2/7/20
Reference Number: 1782271

About This Organization

California College of the Arts

Founded in 1907 by Frederick Meyer, California College of the Arts attracts promising students from around the world who want to attend one of the best art and design schools in the U.S. The college currently operates at two campuses – in San Francisco and Oakland, California; within the next few years the college will be realizing a significant Unification Project at the San Francisco campus to incorporate most of the College’s programs at one primary location.

Job Duties

Planning – Short and Long Range (20%)

• Initially works with various CCA administrators on knowledge transfer related to long range planning that has been ongoing over the past several years to prepare for the Campus Unification Project and to understand the complex implementation of this project.

• Develops and implements planning procedures and practices for all campus planning activities, utilizing best practices in college planning, particularly related to arts colleges.

• In collaboration with the VP – OCP, the CIO/Senior VP of Operations, the Chief Financial Officer and a range of College stakeholders across the academic and administrative areas, develops, evaluates and implements strategic short and long term planning for campus facilities, with an integral and comprehensive financial plan for all planning activities.

• In conjunction with the architect, developer or external project manager, serves as the College representative with all governmental agencies during planning related to entitlement efforts, permitting and similar review and approval processes.

Design and Standardization (20%)

• Oversees the development and implementation of design procedures and practices for a wide range of projects; works with the Facility Operations Manager on design procedures and practices for significant infrastructure and renovation projects.

• In collaboration with the VP – OCP and other internal and external constituents, utilizing an established selection process, selects architects, engineers and other consultants for various capital projects.

• Oversees the design of projects ranging from small renovation projects through the large capital projects, utilizing the input from the various constituents during the planning process and with regular review of the design by these constituents; develops cost estimates, project budgets and schedules.

• Assesses the financial status of each project – both in terms of consultant fees and periodic construction cost estimates – throughout the design to assure that the design is within the prescribed budget.

• Assures the understanding by the College community about the scope and timing of all projects, including various stages of the multi-project Unification (substantial portions of which have completed design and are currently awaiting construction).

• Develops and maintains College standards for design, signage, FFE, equipment, finishes, etc which will be utilized and implemented by CCA Facilities and consultants; makes this information available to the College community for reference.

Construction Oversight (30%)

• Serves as the primary College representative with oversight of a range of construction activities; while external construction managers, project managers and developers may be involved in various projects, the Sr. Dir. PDC, along with the CCA Project Manager will be the primary College contacts.

• Oversees and coordinates, in conjunction with the CCA Project Manager, all consultants, vendors, etc. on various projects, providing direction and support throughout the project.

• Works with those involved in each project – CCA Project Manager, contractors, developers, etc – to assure that the project is flowing smoothly and is on-schedule and within budget; and communicates project status to various College constituencies.

• Assures that the design integrity and code compliance of the project is maintained throughout the construction process

• In conjunction with the architect, developer or external project manager, serves as the College representative with all governmental agencies during the construction.

• With the VP – OCP, reviews construction financials on a regular basis.

Space Planning and Utilization (10%)

• Works with the Space Planning Manager and various stakeholders across the academic and administrative areas, to assure that best practices for space management within arts colleges, are being created, implemented and adhered to, as well as assessed on a regular basis for applicability.

Community Engagement and Understanding (10%)

• Establishes and maintains collegial and collaborative relationships throughout the College community.

• Establishes and maintains positive, collaborative relationships with various federal, state and local governmental agencies so as to develop a very good understanding of CCA’s various compliance requirements and obligations and to understand opportunities for involvement by CCA in innovative governmental initiatives.

• Establishes and maintains good relationships with local area businesses, such that CCA remains a positive and contributing neighbor.

General Department Information (5%)

• Plans and formulates the budget for the Planning, Design and Construction department.

• In collaboration with College IT staff, assures that a PDC webpage is regularly maintained and that it provides interesting, current and valuable information to the College community and beyond

Other responsibilities as assigned (5%)

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, Urban Design, or a related field is required.

• Licensed engineer or architect (California licensure preferred), with significant experience working with various San Francisco City government agencies is strongly preferred.

• 8 – 10 years of proven accomplishment in facilities planning and design, construction, renovation, architecture/engineering and project management with experience in property development, urban design and landscape architect also beneficial, or some similar combination of education and experience.

• Experience in planning and zoning issues and processes, particularly in San Francisco and California.

• Experience in higher education, particularly associated with the arts, or comparable size and type of organization.

• Experience in creating and administering RFQs, RFPs, bid solicitations, service agreements, construction contracts and various consultant contracts.

• Experience in institutional planning (long and short range), capital programs, space management and/or land use.

• Strong management skills – both people and projects – and excellent written and oral communications.

• Substantial skill in understanding, formulating and utilizing as an integral part of the planning and decision making processes, complex project financial and funding information.

• Experience communicating innovative, sometimes complex ideas to a wide range of constituents within the College community, from the city community, from government entities, consultants and design professionals and soliciting creative, thoughtful input.

• Demonstrated experience incorporating sustainability into all planning and design decisions and the ability to set and reach sustainability goals for an institution.

• Advanced computer skills, primarily cloud based, including AutoCad or similar, space planning and management systems, project planning and scheduling platforms, as well as daily computer usage for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc..

• Comprehensive knowledge of building codes, state and local requirements and construction standards.

• Understanding of, and alignment with, the College’s values and mission.

Other Info