Non-Permanent Intake Coordinator (Program Coordinator), R20094

Bellevue, WA

Posted: 1/4/21
Deadline: 12/31/20

About This Organization

Bellevue College is a diverse student-centered, comprehensive and innovative college, committed to teaching excellence that advances the life-long educational development of its students while strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of its diverse community. Bellevue College is located just 10 miles east of Seattle where we serve a student population of over 44% students of color and over 1,100 international students. The college promotes student success by providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs and services; advancing pluralism, inclusion and global awareness; and acting as a catalyst and collaborator for a vibrant region.We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive campus community that supports a diverse student body, faculty and staff. As an essential part of our, diversity, equity and pluralism are promoted and fostered in all aspects of college life. By enriching student life through leadership opportunities, personal learning and cultural experiences, we are committed to building an inclusive and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation and student success.

Job Duties

Coordinate/Conduct Enrollment Activities

• Meet with incoming students to determine goals and academic/career pathway and appropriate program
• Assist students with forms, enrollment checklist, application, including registration and funding options
• Plan, coordinate, and register students for classes
• Proctor Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System Test

Manage Data

• Maintain and create accurate data to meet state board guidelines
• Create and maintain student files
• Create new accounts and register students in Colleges database
• Maintain and manipulate data in Washington Adult Basic Education Reporting System (WABERS).

Program Support

• Perform complex schedule building
• Provide faculty and student support, refer students to campus and community resources
• Perform other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

• High school graduation or equivalent.
• Two (2) years of work experience working in a community college or Basic Skills for adult learners.
• Experience providing services to underrepresented populations.
• Demonstrated commitment to pluralism.
• Effective listening skills and ability to communicate clearly with English Language Learners.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), SharePoint and OneDrive.
• Effective time management, multi-tasking, and organizational skills and a positive attitude to thrive and succeed in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to work well independently and in collaboration with a diverse staff.

Other Info