Healthcare Management & Leadership and Radiation & Imaging Sciences Program Manager, R20047

Posted: 6/17/20
Deadline: 9/9/20

About This Organization

Job Duties


• Guide prospective and current students by providing them with accurate information regarding each program, admission process, registration procedures, prerequisites, financial aid, and student services.
• Graduation review: Review degree requirements and Degree Audit results; Follow up with Evaluations with errors; Process information update
• Meet with students; Maintain and update educational plans for each student; Instruct students on access and use of educational planning tools provided by each program.
• Lead Program information sessions (if applicable).


• Prepare and process program applications based on the number of admit cycles determined by each program (Healthcare Management & Leadership – 2 per year, Radiation & Imaging Sciences – 3 per year; Both programs’ admit cycles run Winter through summer and Fall through Winter, RAIS has an additional admit cycle for Radiologic Technology students that runs in Spring).
• Review application process, propose changes and update application materials
• Coordinate applicant interviews for the HCML program.
• Coordinate with evaluations department when necessary to assist in credit review process.
• Submit accepted students to Enrollment Services, Evaluations, and Financial aid on a cyclical basis.

Data & Site Management

• Collect syllabi and other quarterly forms for retention.
• Compile, analyze, and distribute program and general student data.
• Manage document management system (i.e. SharePoint) for each program.
• Coordinate with Evaluations on course substitutions, non-traditional credit forms, and graduation applications.
• Collect graduate/alumni information (i.e. external certifications, surveys). Collect employer surveys.
• Manage and maintain each program website in content management system (i.e. WordPress) according to division standards and keep each program website update to date.

Marketing & Outreach

• Collaborate with Program Chair to develop annual marketing and recruitment plan for each program.
• Create, develop, compile and write communications and promotional literature for distribution via marketing materials (i.e. flyers, posters, brochures, etc.) in collaboration with Institutional Advancement office.
• Manage and maintain program social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) according to college and division standards.
• Work to create and develop methods of advertising and community outreach based on target audience of each program.
• Collaborate with other campus departments to organize events and disseminate information about programs.
• Support HSEWI Academic Advisor in participating in Campus outreach events.


• Reconcile and analyze program budgets, expenditures, class fees & costs, and process faculty payroll quarterly (PAFs), accounts payable, transfers, travel and other reimbursements.
• Submit and track Purchase Order requests.
• Analyze and recommend expenditures consistent with budget limits.
• Track expenses to ensure that the budget is on track.
• Analyze and influence necessary changes for future budget requests.
• Ensure accurate and ethical stewardship of college funds.


• Monitor student registration activities, retention and report to the Program Chair/Director as necessary.
• Develop each program’s annual academic catalogue and quarterly class schedules; Build classes in the Bellevue College Course Management system (HP), and publish schedule quarterly.
• Coordinate with Office of Academic Affairs to ensure faculty evaluations are setup properly.
• Serve as back up for the Work Based Learning Coordinator to facilitate student progress.
• (campus catering, meals with meetings, Advisory Committee policies, etc.).
• Schedule and coordinate meeting times and locations; Follow campus procedures to organize program related meetings/events.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of relevant educational and work experience may be substituted for the educational requirement on a year-for-year basis
• Three (3) years of related experience in a capacity that involves customer service, finance management, marketing, recruiting, organizing work flow, implementing policies and procedures, information compilation, graphic design, publishing and database management
• Experience providing customer service to the public/special groups/clients
• Experience with budgeting and finance
• Advanced experience with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and WordPress
• Effective communication skills
• Experience building constructive relationships with students and peers characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation and mutual regard
• Demonstrated ability to problem-solve while staying within the parameters of good practice; generates unique, workable, and useful solutions to difficult problems; actively contributes to a work environment that embraces diversity and diverse perspectives to enhance the attainment of organizational goals
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse groups and a commitment to cultural pluralism
• Must be able to work an occasional alternate schedule, such as evenings or weekend

Other Info

Bellevue, WA