Data Analyst

Ohio University in Athens, OH

Posted: 5/30/19
Deadline: 6/6/20
Salary: $50,735 – $58,345 annually
Reference Number: 20162398S

About This Organization

OHIO University is seeking a qualified applicant for a Data Analyst within the University Planning & Space Management department.

Established in 1804, OHIO University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Located in the scenic Appalachian foothills, its classic residential campus in Athens, Ohio, is one of the most attractive in the nation.

This position is a key position serving three functional areas: 1. Capital planning data updating, reconciliations, and reporting; 2. Space data (buildings, rooms, land) updating and reporting; and 3. Real Estate data including legal property descriptions, easement and lease documentation. Data Analyst assists with updating and reconciling multiple databases: space, building and capital planning for accuracy and data integrity as well as assisting with usability and availability of data for campus planning and space utilization purposes. Position coordinates with multiple campus and external constituents to respond to requests and reporting needs. Additionally, position completes proactive analysis for building/space utilization and efficiency reports.

Please complete the online quick application and attach required documents. Required documents include a detailed cover letter, resume, and a list of at least three (3) professional references with current contact details, including email addresses. Position will remain open until filled; however, for full consideration, apply by June 6, 2019 at the following link:

Job Duties

Duties include:
Space/Building Data Management: Maintains, updates, and reports for university space, buildings, & Land Holdings
a. Update/verify space data (ongoing with projects/changes, plus annual survey)
i. Includes periodic space / building on site reviews to validate availability of space
b. Develop reports and documentation for facilities and space to assist the University in short and long term planning
c. Coordinate with various departments across the institution to provide space / building data and track updates
i. Registrar’s Office (Astra & PeopleSoft)
ii. Voinovich (GIS)
iii. Facilities Management & Safety
iv. Budget Planning & Analysis
v. Space designates across campus for each campus unit
d. Coordinate University building/space drawing (small scales) updates, review student work to ensure adherence to standards
i. Ensure that drawings are received from ADC and other entities in a timely manner
ii. Ensure that space data is extracted from small scale drawings and other documents, and space database is updated
e. Ensure all Real Estate transactions match University survey standards and are properly recorded in the University data systems
f. Supervises student interns who assist with the development of small scales and field verification of space / building data

Capital & Space Reporting: Includes independent reporting responsibilities, as well as coordination/ collaboration with other departments to ensure accurate and timely submission.
• Capital Plan: Quarterly executive reports, annual update planning and reports
• Space/Facilities/Land: State Reporting, National Science Foundation/Research, Space allocations for Budget process, Sustainability Reports, Board and University Facts, Ad hoc
• Pro-active data analysis: space, capital, building
• Assists with coordinating Board of Trustees presentations and information.

Capital Planning Database Updates & Reconciliations:
• Collect, validate and import / update project information from various departments and data sources to update the Capital Planning Database to assist with continuous capital data management:
o As needed when project re-prioritization or project updates occur
o Quarterly for transitioned projects and forecast updates
o Annually for the Capital Improvement Plan
• Understand how all capital project systems function, the data each system holds and how the data from each system relate to one another.

Real Estate Data support
o Legal Property Descriptions and Easement Updates
o Develop and enhance real estate data updates
o Coordinate project documentation and data needs

Applicants must have the following:
1. Ability to utilize Excel and other database systems in order to:
a. Analyze, organize and combine large data sets from multiple systems
b. Distill complex data into a digestible format
c. Extract data from multiple systems
i. For space update process (GIS, AutoCAD)
ii. For the purposes of reporting:
1. Capital Project (Executive Reports, etc.)
2. HEI (State of Ohio) Facilities/Space
3. Budget office
4. Academic/Research (NSF, etc.)
5. Unit Planning and reports
2. Ability to document work flow, systems procedures and methodology used:
a. When tracking data through a process (as with space data derived from drawings)
b. When working with/combining large data sets, to meet reporting requirements or ad-hoc requests
3. Ability to create comprehensive reports and to effectively communicate the results of the reporting (written and visual) in response to multiple inquiries from internal and external constituents seeking data
4. Familiarity with and ability to understand planning process and capital projects (specifically the processes involved with planning and implementation and how these processes integrate)
5. Ability to understand how each system works, the data each system holds and how the data from one system relates to the other systems
a. And to build process improvements into a system, where possible
6. Ability to work collaboratively to ensure the gathering and dissemination of information across multiple user groups

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Data Analytics, Records Management, Finance or related field
• Minimum of 3 years related work experience
• Capital project accounting, capital project planning. Data synthesizing and reporting.
• Experience using other relational database systems such as Access, Filemaker, or MySQL and basic SQL skills.

*An equivalent combination of education and experience may also be considered.


$50,735 – $58,345 annually