Frequently Asked Questions | SCUP 2020 Annual Conference

We hope these commonly asked questions will help you prepare for another informative and exciting event! If you have any other questions, please contact the SCUP Events team at We will get back with you as soon as possible!

I’m registered, where do I find the links to participate?
  1. Go to the annual conference program page to log in. (Note: Use your existing SCUP login. If you do not know your login information click on “forgot your password” on the login screen. Please do not create a new account.)
  2. Click on Access LIVE session.

All sessions are taking place on the Zoom platform.

Are continuing education credits available?

Yes, sessions that qualify for CEUs are noted at the end of the session description.

How do I record my CEUs?

Please follow the instructions included in this PDF.

When will the recordings be posted?

Recordings will be posted within 2 business days of their live presentation date. Only the keynote and concurrent sessions will be recorded. Due to the high level of interaction in the roundtable and social hours, with breakouts into small groups, these sessions will not be recorded.

Can I get CEUs from the recordings?

Yes! To be eligible for credits from a recording, an evaluation and a 10 question quiz must be taken. Credits from recordings will be available approximately two weeks after the event.

Will there be a List of Registrants?

Yes, a list is available only to registered attendees. Due to privacy regulations the list only includes registrants who have opted in. Prior to and during the event the list is only available online in alphabetical order. Post-event we will distribute PDF versions alphabetically and by organization.

Are closed captioning services available?

Yes! We have selected Otter to provide closed captioning for the virtual conference. Here’s how it will work:

Live Sessions: A link for viewing a live transcript will be posted within the chat room of each webinar and roundtable. This will open up a new browser window to view the presentation and the closed captioning side by side on your computer.

Recorded Sessions: Closed captions will be integrated into the session recordings. The recordings will look like traditional CC as you would see on TV.

How do I submit a session evaluation?

Currently, the only way to submit a session evaluation is by recording CEU attendance. Follow the instructions listed under “Live Sessions (Face-to-Face and Virtual) / Using Your Browser / How to Submit Attendance”.

We are working to improve this process for future conferences.