Space Management Workshop: From Assessment to Action

March 30-31, 2020
Hotel Republic, San Diego, CA

Assessing, planning, and managing space—daunting tasks that keep getting harder.

The space planning standards and utilization metrics we used yesterday no longer work in today’s rapidly changing environment. Not only are we dealing with new space uses—active learning, interdisciplinary research, flexible environments—we must negotiate user expectations against shrinking capital investment.

This two-day,  hands-on workshop will help you analyze, assess, and communicate space needs for your college or university. Expert leaders will show you how to create actionable space management strategies based upon data and institutional priorities, all while navigating your institution’s culture and politics.

What You Will Cover (Day One)

  • Space assessment
  • NCES’s Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM)
  • Space inventory issues
  • Space utilization expectations
  • Pitfalls of space metrics and benchmarking
  • How space planning fits into integrated planning

Skills You Will Gain (Day One)

  • Use FICM to classify your institution’s space.
  • Outline a space assessment process that ensures accurate space data and incorporates other key data inputs from institutional sources.
  • Explain how space planning fits into other institutional planning.
  • Interpret outcomes from your space assessment data.

What You Will Cover (Day Two)

  • Space optimization—how to determine, prioritize, and communicate actions
  • Generating a coherent and defensible capital implementation plan
  • Facilitating politically charged conversations around space
  • Creating consensus and generating momentum

Skills You Will Gain (Day Two)

  • Use space assessment outcomes to identify and prioritize your institution’s space needs.
  • Provide space data to inform capital budget planning and master planning processes.
  • Create stakeholder consensus by socializing outcomes results and facilitating tough conversations around space.
  • Use a variety of techniques to communicate precise outcomes through verbal and visual methods.