Carrying it Forward: Shifting from Crisis to Mindful Planning - SCUP Conference

Pacific 2021 Regional Spring Series

Series | April 16, April 30, May 14, and June 4 | 10-12 PM PST
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Carry it Forward: Shifting from Crisis to Mindful Planning

2021 brings a mix of hope, promise, and complex challenges as colleges and universities navigate the spring semester and plan for reopening.

“That even as we grieved, we grew. That even as we hurt, we hoped. That even as we tired, we tried.”
The Hill We Climb – Amanda Gorman

Planning together.

Following the same format as last year, we will host 4 programs: April 16, April 30, May 14, and June 4.

The series will advance members’ ongoing conversations about the critical issues facing higher education—the financial crisis, racial justice, student success, and new ways of teaching and learning, to name a few. While it is difficult to plan for the future when the present is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, integrated planning remains the solution. How might the events of 2020 shift our approach to integrated planning to be more nimble, flexible, inclusive, and student-centered?

The series will be comprised of four sessions of engaging conversations to address integrated planning as a practice in multiple scales with specific outcomes.

Session 1 (April 16), “Equitable Cross-Disciplinary Planning for Underserved Populations,” will investigate inclusive, interdisciplinary approaches to long-range campus and strategic planning. What outreach tactics and platforms might engage a broader constituency to inform planning, both within the university and its broader neighborhood and community? View the session details.
Session 2 (April 30), “Mindful Redesign for New and Effective Learning Environments,” will focus on how changes in academic planning manifest into physical (or virtual) ideas and frameworks, from online learning to flexibility to better space utilization of “found spaces.” View the session details.
Session 3 (May 14), “Student Success: Define It, Support It,” examines recent data about what students need and expect to succeed in higher education to reveal new ways for colleges and universities to advance equity, wellness, mental health, and evolving learn/work modalities. View the session details.
Session 4 (June 4), “Insights”, a capstone to the Spring 2021 Pacific Regional Spring Series, will identify key insights from the series, pose new questions, and offer creative, actionable ideas for moving higher education forward. View the session details.


Director of Summer SessionsUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Senior Director, Learning SpacesStanford University
Vice President of Campus Planning and DesignChapman University
Associate PrincipalBuro Happold
Dean, Paul Boylan Collegiate Professor of MusicUniversity of Michigan
Campus Architect and Director of Design & Construction ServicesUniversity of California - Santa Barbara
PartnerJFAK Architects
PrincipalLMN Architects
Dean, College of Arts & ArchitectureMontana State University
Principal ConsultantNV5

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