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North Atlantic Workshop | Sparking Transformation: The Power of Storytelling

April 10, 2020
District Hall, Boston, MA


Storytelling is powerful. It can infuse data and information with life and emotion, influencing as it informs. But how do you construct a story—in particular, one that can move your project from theoretical possibility to green-lit reality? In this workshop, we will teach you how to use storytelling to communicate the value of your project, building buy-in with stakeholders and leaders. We will deconstruct the components of a story and demonstrate how the structure and psychology behind them elicit an emotional response that works in your favor. Working in small groups, using tools that we’ll share, you will build a story around real life institutional challenges…and present it.Come learn how to craft a story, deliver it with confidence, win approvals, and make your planned projects a reality.

What the workshop will cover:

  1. The components of storytelling and what makes a memorable story that moves and convinces your audience.
  2. Techniques for learning about your audience.
  3. Methods for conveying the benefits of your idea or project to various constituencies.
  4. Techniques for building confidence and becoming a practiced and compelling storyteller.

Skills you will gain:

  1. Identify the components of a story and what makes a memorable story.
  2. Research your audience to learn what their needs and pain points are.
  3. Build a story from scratch that conveys the benefits of your idea or project to various constituencies.
  4. Explain the science and psychology behind successful stories and how to craft stories that are clear, memorable, and compel people to act.

Continuing Education Credits
AIA LU 2.75 units (NA19M3)/AICP CM 2.75 units

Workshop Presenters

Carolyn Cooney Headshot
Marketing DirectorPerkins+Will
Headshot of Pam Delphenich SCUP member and volunteer leader
Former University PlannerYale University
Jackie Falla Headshot
Director of Client ServicesElaine Construction