5 Questions About the Future of Higher Education

January 16, 2020
Free Webinar, 1:00-1:30 PM Eastern Time

There are a multitude of internal and external forces that impact higher education but how can you be intentional about examining and understanding these trends? From demographic shift to political charges to social movements, and the evolving economy and technology, regular environmental scanning will inform decisions around your strategic plan development or plan implementation.

Join Jim Downey, vice president of planning and institutional effectiveness at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Nick Santilli, former provost at John Carroll University and SCUP’s senior director of learning, as they use SCUP’s Trends for Higher Education report, to take attendees through five “What If?” questions breaking down some of these internal and external factors into a practical format that will allow your team to pinpoint areas for institutional advancement. 

This webinar is a must for anyone serving in a planning capacity in higher education be it academic, IR, IE, facilities, student affairs, etc.

Additional Resources:

SCUP’s Trends for Higher Education reports.

Featured Speakers

Jim Downey
Senior Strategy Consultant
Professor of Psychology, Emeritus and Former Senior Director for Learning StrategySociety for College and University Planning