TaP into SCUP

What is TaP?

TaP (Talk about Planning) is a new platform for you to share innovations, experiential ideas, and observations in a video format of less than 15 minutes.

What idea, concept, or innovation do you have that can inform how we plan or address a future need in higher education? What’s being tried, what’s working, and what’s not?

Why TaP into SCUP?

💡 Springboard your idea into TaP where it can be discussed, tested, and can seed new innovation. Shine a light on higher education’s experimentation and ideas with a focus on integrated planning.

Two Ways to Share Your Insights

Share your own perspective or innovation
that will inform ways we can think differently, gain a new perspective, or discover a relevant tool to help others manage the challenges in higher education.

Record an interview with someone (or others)
who is/are creating new ground in higher education with their innovative approach or practice. Highlight their success, failure, lessons learned, and/or ongoing challenges.

Let’s Get Started!

Use this simple form to share your TaP idea. After your idea is submitted, you’ll be contacted within the week by a SCUP staff member to talk about it.

Submit your idea today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my idea is accepted, can I get assistance from SCUP to record my video?
We’re happy to help you record your video on Zoom.

I’m not a SCUP member. Can I still submit an idea to TaP?
Yes, we welcome your submission and look forward to talking with you about it.

I want to explore my idea with someone first. Who can I talk to about my submission idea?
Email or call 734.669.3271.

Could I use slides?
You can use a few slides if necessary; we’re happy to review them with you. But we’d rather listen to innovators.

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