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TaP into SCUP is your new platform to share innovative and experiential ideas and observations in less than 15-minutes (by video). We’re looking for the immediacy of experience—an exploration of what’s being tried, what’s working, and what’s not, as a way to share the wisdom we’re gleaning and the new paths we’re forging. Get your higher education planning idea out quickly and easily where the SCUP community can take notice and learn from you.

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💡 What innovative ideas are you seeing in higher education that would be inspiring to SCUP members?
💡 What innovative practices or integrated planning experiments are you running at your institution that address the future needs of higher education?

What’s Changing in Your Higher Education World?

“Disruption” is commonplace in higher education, across all aspects of the academy. The past year accelerated challenges long in the making—not just in the pandemic—but a national reckoning on racial and social justice, climate change and other mega-trends.

With disruption comes innovation, experimentation, and evolved standard practices. Use SCUP’s new platform, TaP into SCUP, as a way to shine a light on higher education’s experimentation, with a focus on integrated planning.

Be part of the movement to transform higher education.

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