SCUP Circles

When asked, SCUP Members agreed that problem-solving is the most pressing issue facing planning in higher education. By popular demand, we have created a program to help you resolve issues with the support of your regional SCUP Member community – a professional network of leaders spanning the campus and design community.

Introducing SCUP Circles

Powered by the combined strength of an integrated community of SCUP members and casual conversations about planning, SCUP Circles was created with the purpose of empowering members to become a part of a trusted micro-community.

Build rapport and establish peer-powered problem solving based on your profession and practice. Take advantage of this opportunity to share ideas, challenges, seek resources, make connections, provide support, and create opportunities to collaborate.

How SCUP Circles Work

Led by a regional council member or an appointed volunteer, SCUP Circles of 8-12 members will gather from 4:00-5:00 PM on the second Tuesday of every month, beginning in September 2021.

Currently, this program is available only to SCUP members in the North Atlantic Region. In 2022 we will share information about expanding this to other SCUP regions. We need your help to show the value of the micro-communities. Sign up by August 27

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