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Monday, May, 14, 2012

Integrated Planning: One Business Definition


Taking a look around at how others write about “integrated planning,” we liked this graphic from Synthesis Partnership, along with the accompanying description, below. 

At the core of integrated planning are strategic, program, and business planning, the why, what and how of the organization.

Strategic planning is essentially broad- based consensus-building around mission and goals. It draws all stakeholders into a discussion that reinvigorates the sense of communal purpose.

Program planning develops services, programs and delivery mechanisms, and identifies the resources needed to implement them. Much of this work needs to be dealt with very lightly in strategic planning, at the policy level. The details are the prerogative of the executive director and professional staff.

Business planning is as crucial for a non-profit institution as it is in a for- profit business. A business plan details the means by which the organization is to be supported and sustained, determines operational feasibility, and provides the staffing, financial, market, and operational details required. Business planning typically is the responsibility of the Executive Director, CFO, and the board.


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