Annual Conference Local Host Chair

The local host chair and committee support the conference committee in identifying an optional campus tours and events program that highlights local sights and complements the educational program.

The Local Host Chair:

  • Participates as a full member of the Conference Planning Committee.  The local host chair’s role is to work with the director of administrative services to plan campus tours and recommend local attractions that may be of interest to attendees.
  • Participates in two to three planning meetings representing the local host committee. Expenses to attend (except meetings held on site at the annual conference) are paid by SCUP.
  • Conference planning meeting – First organizational meeting.  Approximately 18 months out, during February – March.
  • Conference planning meeting – On site in conjunction with the annual conference one year out.
  • Fall conference program planning meeting (November, year before the conference, in Ann Arbor)
  • Assembles and leads a committee of volunteers from local institutions and firms who are interested in planning for SCUP visitors in their city or region.
  • Submits potential campus tours to SCUP for confirmation and for slotting on the official program.  When tours are approved, the local host chair designates/recruits a ‘Tour Coordinator’ from each campus that will be hosting a tour, who will serve as the primary contact for all aspects of that tour.  The tour coordinator will work with the local host committee to determine areas of interest on campus, coordinate all campus logistics, such as; arranging to have buildings open, checking to see if security will need to be provided, if a construction site securing permission to be there and obtaining hard hats if necessary, coordinating with campus and corporate colleagues on the content of the tour; oversee the tour logistics on the campus, and draft a tour description for promotion and program.  SCUP staff will work closely with the tour coordinators to coordinate the logistics of the tour, and are responsible for contracting and securing any outside vendors for catering and transportation that may be necessary.
  • Reviews post-conference special event/tour feedback and participation totals, and share recommendations with subsequent conference’s local host chair.

SCUP Membership Required? Yes

Minimum Qualifications:

The annual conference local host chair must be a member-in-good-standing (dues paid), have excellent project management and organizational skills, and be able to work in an online environment.

Terms of Service: One Year

Time Commitment: 1-5 Hours Month

Training: Limited Training by Staff

Travel Requirements: 2 Meetings Annually

Be sure to visit the SCUP’s Annual Conference Committee page to learn more about the responsibilities and the conference.

Please note that SCUP appreciates our volunteers greatly, but cannot offer complimentary conference registrations for your participation. All board and committee volunteers pay for their conference registration.