Annual Conference Concurrent Session Convener

Are you planning to register and attend SCUP’s annual conference in July? If so, you might consider serving as a concurrent session convener.

Session conveners introduce presenters, assist as necessary with Q&A, manage continuing education and evaluation forms, and alert staff in the event of a safety concern or medical emergency.

There are usually 90 concurrent sessions that need conveners during the annual conference. Conveners are selected based on their availability during the conference and represent a cross section of SCUP’s constituency.  SCUP membership is not required to serve as a session convener, however conveners must be registered for the conference on the day(s) in which they are interested in convening.

By expressing interest in this volunteer role, you will receive an online convener interest form several months before the annual conference. The online application will outline this volunteer opportunity in more detail, confirm the times you are available, and determine the session topics that interest you.

Thanks in advance for your interest in serving as a concurrent session convener at the annual conference!

SCUP Membership Required? No

Minimum Qualifications: Annual conference concurrent session conveners must be registered for the conference and can only serve on the days for which they registered (for example, a convener registered only for Monday cannot convene a session on Tuesday). SCUP will assign conveners based on their availability.

Terms of Service: One Day

Time Commitment: One Time Only

Training: Orientation Meeting

Travel Requirements: 1 Meeting Annually

Be sure to visit the SCUP’s Annual Conference Committee page to learn more about the responsibilities and the conference.