Academic Planning Academy

SCUP’s Planning Academies serve as communities of practice—cohorts of members grouped by expertise who exchange knowledge with each other and contribute expertise to SCUP.

The Academic Planning Academy’s members have expertise in academic affairs, student services, libraries, teaching and learning, research, and student success.


  • Joel Frater, Convener, Executive Dean at Damon City Campus, Monroe Community College

Academic Planning Academy Members

  • Stuart Benkert, Head of Performing Arts, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • Megan Blackwelder, Associate Vice President, Northwestern University
  • Walter Breau, Vice President of Academic Affairs, College of Our Lady of the Elms
  • Angharad Brown, Academic Development Specialist, NorQuest College
  • Terry Brown, Vice President for Academic Innovation and Transformation, American Association of State Colleges & Universities
  • Rebecca Cole, Associate Provost, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Cecelia Connelly-Weida, Dean, School of Business, Education, Legal, and Social Services, Lehigh Carbon Community College
  • Robert Delprino, Assistant Dean, School of Natural and Social Sciences & Professor of Psychology, Buffalo State SUNY
  • Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology, University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Carolyn Farley, Education Specialist, DIRTT Environmental Solutions
  • Christine Johns, Senior Director, Academic and International Strategies, University of Calgary
  • John Kilmarx, Associate Vice President, Academic Administration, Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus
  • Christopher McCord, Senior Advisor, Administration and Finance, Northern Illinois University
  • Michael McGoff, Senior Vice Provost and Chief Financial Officer, SUNY at Binghamton
  • Tracy Molidor, Associate Vice Provost, University of California-Irvine
  • Lois Neuman, Consultant, LHNeuman Consultants
  • Gary Pavlechko, Director, Interactive Learning Spaces, Ball State University
  • Elizabeth Poje Hawk, Academic Information Specialist, Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus
  • David Ruiter, Associate Provost for Student and Faculty Success, The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Diane Stephens, Associate Vice President for Academic Resources and Planning, California State University-Northridge
  • David Stone, Chief Research Officer, Oakland University
  • Benjamin Weaver, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, SUNY at Albany
  • Colleen Wirth, Director, Student & Infrastructure Support, Yukon College
  • Adam Wyatt, Associate Professor for Integrated Medical Science, Florida Atlantic University