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Paulien & Associates, Inc.

899 Logan St, Ste 508
Denver, CO 80203 USA
303.832.3380 fax

Dan Paulien, President,
John Bengston, Vice President and Principal,
Frank Markley, Associate Principal,
Mark Berthold, Senior Associate,
Kate Herbolsheimer, Senior Associate,
Brian Recko, Senior Associate,

Firm Description

Paulien & Associates, Inc. provides facilities oriented planning services for colleges and universities nationwide. The Paulien & Associates team of higher education planners is led by Daniel K. Paulien, President, who founded the company in 1979 after 10 years of in-depth, higher education planning experience at the campus and statewide levels. Paulien served as SCUP President in 1995-96, and received the SCUP Distinguished Service Award in 1999. The past 33 years has seen the firm conduct over 650 studies involving 550 campuses serving clients in 47 states and the District of Columbia. The staff of experienced consultants of Paulien & Associates, Inc. can help you meet the short and long-range challenges of tomorrow’s campus needs.

   Field Audits, Educational Adequacy Assessment, Comparative/Benchmarking Analysis,
   Environmental Scanning, & Classroom and Laboratory Utilization

   Space Needs Analysis, Classroom Mix Analysis, Pre-Design Program Planning,
   and Academic & Enrollment Planning

   Strategic Planning, Space Reallocation/Migration, Space Guidelines Establishment,  
   Systemwide/Statewide Space Modeling, Capital Project Prioritization, and New Campus Development

We have worked with a range of institutions: major research universities, regional universities, liberal arts colleges, urban campuses, community colleges, and specialized professional schools. We have significant experience with both public and private institutions. Visit our website to obtain more information about our experience, or contact Angela Fortune,

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