Space Management for the 21st Century Campus - A Merging of Bricks and Clicks

Original Broadcast: September 29, 2011


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Program Content

If higher education is to remain affordable, accessible, and relevant, the new reality for traditional institutions may lie in a paradigm shift from bricks-and-mortar campuses with online curriculum, into virtual campuses with physical assets.

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With a proven space management model that has optimized capacity within its physical campus, and a commitment to build a digital college project, Algonquin College is actualizing this paradigm shift.

This presentation shares Algonquin’s space-mining processes to extract capacity from physical space and their exploration to date into building capacity in digital space.

Presented by Phillip J. Rouble, the facilities planning specialist at Algonquin College. Moderated by Fran Gast, planner at the University of Connecticut.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Construct a roadmap to implement a successful space management model.
  2. Review an effective and efficient space cost allocation model.
  3. Assemble a toolkit of space-mining techniques for further investigation.
  4. Evaluate a transformative model for a virtual college fabric.

Who Should Watch This Webcast

  • Space managers
  • Administrators
  • Architects
  • Campus planners
  • Academic planners

Webcast Outline

I. Introduction (10 minutes)

  • A New Reality Facing Education
  • Rethinking the Nature of Change
  • Building Sustainable Success
  • Defining Success

II. Manage Space Resources Strategically (15 minutes)

  • The Philosophy of Space Management
  • Space Management Models
  • Space Costs Allocation Models
  • Program Assessment

III. Optimized Physical Space - Bricks (20 minutes)

  • Space Mining Models
  • Data Mining and Pivot Tables
  • Optimizing Space
  • Renewal and Modernization

IV. Build Capacity in Digital Space - Clicks (10 minutes)

  • Space Capacity
  • The Need to Go Digital
  • Mobile Learning

V. Integrate the Planning of Brick and Clicks (10 minutes)

  • Best Use of Space
  • Digital Transformative Change Model
  • Blended Learning
  • Integrating the College Development Planning Process

Audience Interaction
There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers during the program, plus audience polling questions. Do you have a question for the presenter now that you recommend he address during the program? Email your question to webcast.question@scup.org.

Handouts will include the presenter's PowerPoint, links to websites of interest, and other supportive articles for your reference.

Presented at SCUP-46!
What participants said:

"Strong future-looking presentation!"

"Great presentation, very transparent, and useful overview of what this college is doing re:space management, excellent material!"

"Awesome concepts to take back and share!"

"Learned some useful approaches from Phil and will pursue the tools he described."

"New paradigm for our campus to evaluate."


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