Prioritizing Academic Programs:
Making and Acting on Hard Choices

Original Broadcast: October 25, 2012

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What previous participants said:

"Timely and persuasive. Excellent!"

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"Very helpful to clarify/organize thought process."

Program Content

More and more institutions across the country are focusing on reallocating existing resources in addition to generating new resources. But such an initiative requires a systematic, academically responsible approach to ensure success.

This highly interactive webinar engages participants in the how and why of choosing criteria and assessing weights, avoiding pitfalls and anticipating likely push-back, and integrating this process with your other institution-wide strategies.

"Most institutions can no longer afford to be what they’ve become."
Robert C. Dickeson

Co-presenters Robert C. Dickeson, president emeritus, University of Northern Colorado, and Peter Eckel, vice president for Governance and Leadership Programs at the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), provide their unique perspectives on academic program prioritization and cover what administrators and boards/trustees need to know and do.

They will help you think through your own institution’s approach to prioritization based on real-life experiences of hundreds of campuses.

Dickeson’s book, Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services (Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1999, 2010) was based on his extensive consulting experiences including serving several hundred two- and four-year colleges (private and public) and corporations ranging from hospitals to bank holding companies. Eckel has written and spoken extensively on academic leadership, institutional change and campus governance. His most recent book is Changing Course: Making the Hard Decisions to Eliminate Academic Programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Elements of priority-setting, including process, mission clarification, criteria, and leadership.
  • How a board can strengthen its role in the oversight of educational programs and quality.
  • The difference between program review and program prioritization.
  • How I can know if my institution is ready for program prioritization.
  • The issues and dynamics that surface in the prioritization process.
  • How to leverage prioritization to bring about needed change.
  • Meaningful roles for the board.

Who Should Attend this Webinar

  •     governing board members
  •     presidents and vice presidents
  •     chief business officers
  •     academic deans
  •     provosts
  •     department chairmen
  •     university system staff
  •     state coordinating agency staff


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