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Thursday, March, 05, 2009

Assessment Is More Than Keeping Score: Moving From Inquiry, Through Interpretation, To Action

A nice case study of one institution's successful planning:

STLCC’s mission-based assessment approach has proven successful because it is grounded in the following six key components:

  • The model focuses assessment on what the college claims to do.
  • Within each mission area, faculty and staff identify the most important aspects for assessment.
  • Faculty and staff are provided with consistent, user-friendly, self-service access to data/information through decision support tools.
  • The model establishes assessment as a shared enterprise and creates a nonpunitive environment for thoughtful interpretation of data/information by the faculty and staff who work with students.
  • The model is linked to the college’s strategic planning process and creates an environment for action.
  • The model assesses how we assess as well as what we assess.
It’s Also About Action. During 2007-2008, faculty and staff from across the college worked collaboratively to identify, explore, and develop actions steps to improve student engagement and learning outcomes associated with assessment issues. Among these were the following projects:


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